Faith Lutheran Church of Amador County

22601 State Highway 88, Pioneer, CA 95666-9214† phone 209 295-4545

How We Worship at Faith Lutheran

For Lutheran Christians, and for us at Faith, worship matters. In fact, worship lies at the heart of how we understand ourselves together.

There is a basic pattern for worship:† We gather. We encounter Godís Word. We share a meal at the Lordís table. And we are sent into the world. But we do not think about worship so much in terms of what we do. Worship is fundamentally about what God is doing and our response to Godís action. Worship is an encounter with God, who saves us through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Think about it like this. Godís Spirit calls us together. God speaks to us through readings from the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, through preaching, prayer, and song. God feeds and nourishes us in a saving way. And God blesses us and sends us in mission to the world.

Taken together, the Word proclaimed and the sacraments -- both Holy Baptism and Holy Communion -- are called the means of grace. We believe that Jesus Christ is present in these means through the power of the Holy Spirit.† We trust that God is genuinely present with us in baptism, in preaching, and in sharing the bread and wine of Holy Communion. In that sense, we believe that Godís presence permeates all of Christian worship.

The cross is the central symbol marking our worship space, and during worship singing fills the air. The voices of all the people joined in song and the participation of all the people in the worship is a witness to our conviction that in worship we are being drawn in to Godís own saving story.



We especially like having young people to be our acolytes, but we also accept adults for the service.† Training in the duties is provided.

Adult Choir

We have a wonderful choir, but we are always looking for new members.† If you are not into singing we have chime choir positions to be filled.†† The choir meets for practice at 7:00 PM on Wednesday.

Altar Guild

The altar guild has the responsibility of setting up the church for Sunday services.† This is usually done by two volunteers who take on the duties for one month.

Communion Assistants

These volunteers assist the Pastor in serving communion to the congregation every Sunday.


Volunteers who are normally assigned for one month of service and are stationed at the church entry doors to greet people coming to church.† They are to especially welcome any newcomers, inviting them to coffee hour after the service and providing information about the church.


These volunteers do the gospel readings on Sunday.† There are often many weeks between the same person doing the readings.


Ushers also normally serve one month at a time.† These are volunteers who receive an explanation of their duties by the head usher.


How we Worship

Church Year

Advent (beginning of church year)

Begins Sunday four weeks before Christmas.† Advent Services also held Wednesday evenings



Christmas Eve service

Christmas Day if Sunday



Twelfth day after Christmas, no special service.



Begins Ash Wednesday, lasting forty days until Passion/Palm Sunday.† Special services on Ash Wednesday and a soup supper and service on following Wednesdays.


Holy Week

Special services include Palm Sunday Processional, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil,† and Easter Sunrise



Begins Easter Sunday and lasts forty days until Pentecost.


Reformation Day

October 31 celebration of Lutherís posting of 95 Theses on the door of All Saints Church at Wittenberg, Germany in 1517